Y type filter basket

Working principle and characteristics
Y type filter basket is the main part of the Y type filter, usually installed in the pressure relief valve, pressure off valve, water level valve or other equipment of the import side, used to remove impurities in the media to protect the normal use of the valve and equipment. Y type filter is with the characteristics of advanced structure, small resistance, convenient sewage and so on. Y type filter can be used for water, oil and gas filtration. General mesh used for water: 18~30mesh, for gas: 10~100 mesh, for oil: 100~480 mesh. When the liquid passes the main tube to enter the basket filter, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the basket filter, and then the clean fluid goes through the basket filter, and discharged from the filter outlet.
Mainly used in agricultural irrigation, water filtration system, circulating water filtration, petroleum chemical industry, mechanical and electrical, ion exchange medicine pretreatment, especially plays a vital role in sanitary waste water and industrial waste water treatment, with the design and various advantages of the usage, the precious water resources has been effectively reused, also saving a lot of water resources. At the same time, after the treatment by Y type filter, the water quality can not only meet the national emission standards, but also achieve the purpose of recycling usage.
Structure and application device:

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